Friday, April 29

I am not worthy!

I just got such a frisson from my old friend (and fellow former redheaded mullethead) the Apostropher, who has put quite a lot into his fine, fine blog this week after warning that he wouldn't have time to post much. Hey, our little college town won't run out of coffee anytime soon!

Anyhow, I've actually gotten into the blogroll of someone who doesn't spend hours gaming with me every blessed week, which to me is much like the Big Time. Does that mean I should start averaging more than four posts or so every six weeks or so? That doesn't seem to be mandatory (gazes longingly at Monkeytime), but I feel I should step up a little.

Certainly I'm honored enough of to (um, nearly) refrain from grousing that now I can't scroll directly to various favorite Apostro-links without thinking. My bookmarks in Mozilla look like the back seat of my old car sophomore year; I count on my friends to corral links for me, & I figure the referrer logs at Eschaton or wherever will eventually take note. In fact I rather like the new blogroll. I'll just remember to get the coffee mug in my hand before I navigate it.


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