Sunday, April 17


Law professor & noted blogger Eric Muller continues his research into public-school proselytizing. There's a mailto at the bottom of his latest post, which I may use once my hands stop shaking.

Followup (January 2006)

The link died above died & I got curious as to whether anything came of this. Truthfully I didn't send a complaining email myself, so I can't get on my high horse. So how did the controversy shake out?

So far I've found nothing more than a month past Professor Muller's original postings. My search was less than exhaustive, but I don't see any evidence that any of the more than a dozen school systems cited by Muller made any changes -- of course some of his links to school reading lists are busted, but then his whole archive has slipped out of its internal links, so I suppose it's par for the course.

Once more the question arises: How much of the Blogosphere will be reduced to Linear A after a few years of link-rot?


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