Wednesday, April 13


Wow. Randi Rhodes certainly isn't my cup of paint-thinner, but from very limited experience I am willing to excuse her from suspicion of flat-out lying. My estimation has been that like her oft-invoked nemesis Rush, Rhodes dedicates all her energy to aligning her listeners on one side or another of a partisan divide.

As long as the host's rants have a basic consistency from day to day on major issues, it doesn't matter whether any individual argument hangs together. It's better to know fewer facts and shout them repeatedly. That way, people driving don't have to worry that they missed something.

Certainly this makes Rhodes a poor role model. As for whether she should have a job...well, she isn't running for anything, and I'm probably not buying anything from her sponsors anyhow. What does that mean to me, Al Franken?

It's her listeners that worry me. I'm curious as to why nobody called her out on Nicaragua -- are her callers appallingly ignorant, or screened with great care?


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