Friday, April 8

mana from Heaven

"An Apollo 13 bus bar battery cable that had been flown in space" ???

First of all, "bus bar battery cable" is my favorite found poetry of the spring so far. Love it. Can't quite conjure a visual image, but it sure sounds like a band name to me.

Guess the market value was in the Apollo 13 mana, though, as likely no one bid on it because they needed to cable a battery to a bus bar (or whatever). Everything from Apollo 13 "that had...flown in space" came back by apparent miracle, and relics have always tended to be odd.

Furthermore, while the Feds hate the playa, the game can't be presumed innocent. How many contracts have been swung by the ability to make a big splash?

(Tx Ap(oll)ostropher)


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