Friday, August 27

Christie gets the kiss-off?

Apostropher drops some science again, as usual.

Is it foolish of me to suspect someone influenced Bush to get right with science just this one time?

Gov. Whitman has time on her hands, and she certainly got an earful when she ran "the bureaucracy". Maybe she was even willing to listen? At any rate, she's been writing and planning her next move. I see the hydra-headed Washington Speakers Bureau is booking her after the Inauguration.

Make no mistake, Whitman is willing to shill for her ex-boss. But she could yet make trouble at the extremist makeover. Does this mean she's been bought?

If so, she's grown extraordinarily cheap. It's August, and it's "Take out the Trash Day". If Gov.Whitman ever cared, you'd think she'd be getting off the reservation right about now.


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