Wednesday, August 18


Can't decide what to think of this action... My secret girlfriend Wonkette (in the talking-shit-about-strangers-in-public-places sort of way) got me to the site, because she's in charge of reading the NY Daily News gossip column for me most of the time.

I certainly see the justice, but there are only three outcomes I can reasonably expect: (1) the streets are deserted -- much bloviating about "polarized politics" and finger-wagging at the meanness of Big City types; (2) only a few choose to act -- and lose their jobs or even careers; (3) there's no noticeable response.

At least the logo's pretty funny. Right or wrong, that's how it strikes me.


At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's going to be #3. I'm not sure if a large portion of the group of people who could make a difference in NYC by not showing up (the service industries? ) know about it.


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