Sunday, July 25

Why I likes to link

Yr fumble-fingered Fiddler reminds you that information isn't free, exactly, or even always cheap; fortunately, information has loose morals.

Case in Point: Who might have guessed that "" would yield such a treasure trove of "professional term papers"! Are those papers really free of plagiarism, as Ivy Research (you bad girl, Ivy!) promises us? 'Cause they're certainly not free.

Hell, nothing's free; the "dicitionary" is proud to offer "The top ten bidded listings" for "Thesaurus". So don't panic, O desperate C-student with your big paper due, you can get help from a Thesaurus on line! Just click on the bright blue link and reach for your wallet!

The whole racket is just tawdry. Personal Favorite: The important-looking Terms and conditions link at the bottom of every page just leads you right into the leftover-from-the-last-decade lame search portal.

What would Father say? Also, does anyone still wonder at those who mourn the agonizing decline of orthography? Never mind -- the "genuine article" seems hardly fit to be Caesar's wife.

With apologies for an arguably meretricious metaphor, I will go back to my old friend Bartleby. If you, Dear Reader, would prefer not to, be sure & leave a comment.


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